Andreas Qassim


Gobo and Floyd sing “Follow Me”

This is my tribute to Jerry Nelson who tragically passed away recently. Jerry was one of the greatest of the Muppet performers, praised by Jim Henson for his versatility and singing talent. He performed Count von Count, Louis Kazagger, Robin, Dr Julius Strangepork, Lew Zealand and many many others. Gobo and Floyd are my favorites among Jerry’s characters. As I go to work every morning and coming back in the evening, I’m greeted by street musicians performing at the train station, in the tunnel leading to the platforms. Some of them are really good, others should perhaps practice a bit more… Anyway, wouldn’t it be great to come to the train station one morning and find Gobo and Floyd singing “Follow me”? Come to think of it, I’d probably stay and listen all the time, and be late for work.

RIP Jerry nelson, and thank you for the music.


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