Andreas Qassim

90’s Muppets

Tonight’s a big night. In 1993 (or so, I was about 15) I was in Liverpool and found The Muppet Movie on VHS in a local supermarket. It was the first time I saw it since the mid-80’s something. I copied the art of a merch slip from the VHS box, framed it and gave it to my Liverpool family, before going back to Sweden. Tonight I’m going downtown Liverpool with the very same family to watch The Muppets on the big screen. I thought it’d be appropriate to celebrate this occasion by posting that ol’ drawing from 1993.

4 thoughts on “Andreas Qassim

    • No spoilers, but I dare to say this: The Muppets is not a perfect film, but it’s got its heart in the right place. My eyes went damp more than once. I’ll definitely see it again!

  1. I remember this old gem, an image from childhood, which lives in our upstairs study. Tak to my brother for sharing his passions with his family.

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