Hans and Andreas

Hans, Andreas and The Electric Mayhem featuring Kermit wishes you all:

Dear Muppet fans,

we started this blog simply because we’re crazy about the Muppets, and we thought maybe we’d get one or two of you guys to join us in this venture. We could never have dreamed of getting so many AMAZING PIECES OF ART sent to us! It’s really quite overwhelming. Our eyes went damp more than once, and it’s not because of the weather in Scandinavia (it’s been unusually warm this year).

What’s more, we never expected people would actually come and see our little exhibition. But hey, we just passed 3200 visitors. In 24 days! The Muppets used to be HUGE in Scandinavia during the 80s, but since then it’s been kind of a dry climate for them. Judging by the devotion and enthusiasm of the cartoonists and our blog visitors, it seems the Muppets stayed with people, just the way they stayed with us. Very cool.

Since we couldn’t fit all your generous contributions in before christmas, we’ll continue to publish one piece of art a day as long as it lasts. You’re all more than welcome to join us again and again in our ongoing celebration of Jim Henson’s legacy. The blog will continue in 2012 and beyond, as long as you want it to!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to each and every one of you, cartoonists and Muppet fans. You made our December 2011 a special one. What better way to finish than picking up from where we started, by quoting the finale of The Muppet Movie:

Keep believing
keep pretending
we’ve done just what we set out to do,
thanks to the lovers
the dreamers
and YOU

A Rocking Yuletide to you all!
Andreas and Hans

2 thoughts on “Hans and Andreas

  1. What a wonderful Christmas celebration of the Muppets! Great work guys! A really Merry Christmas to all Muppet fans around the world!


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